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It is Tuesday, March 10th, 8:16pm. There is no going back.
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Due to various circumstances, only added friends can read my posts.
Have a great evening!
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Art Extravaganza ~~~ Friday, August 7th   
It is Tuesday, August 4th, 5:07pm. There is no going back.
  This Friday, August 7th, brings all sorts of art oddities to the table on the 2800 block of Cherokee Street!

At Cranky Yellow (2847 Cherokee), group show Meth & Hotdogs will celebrate character art. Characters that are unscrupulous, misfits, down and dirty, lowbrow, uncivilized, junkies, screw-ups and bums. The opening will be held on Friday, August 7th from 7 to 11pm at Cranky Yellow in St. Louis, MO. Meth & Hot Dogs will remain on display until the 28th of August. There will also be a special performance by one-man band Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship at 10pm!

Apop Records (2839 Cherokee), features solo art-damage by Mister Ben of FreezerBurn that will mingle with the aesthetic exotica of Apop Records for a weekend of everything plus the kitchen sink. His doodly prints, collages and affordable ephemera will be joined by Melissa Debus, Jeremy Kannapell, Nick Kurple, Josh Levi and Sheeran Meatte for a roomful of strange things. Very strange things indeed. Poptards, a band consisting of some of those showing artwork, will also play.

For more info:


+ add yourself to the Facebook events page for the FreezerBurn shindig:

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It is Tuesday, February 10th, 9:49pm. There is no going back.
mood: awake

I posted this on the STL community:

 Hello boys and girls and things in-between! I created an eljay community specifically for events or entries related to Cherokee Street.


Feel free to join or post or drink a beer. Just don't spill it on your computer.

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ahm famourse   
It is Tuesday, July 17th, 5:40pm. There is no going back.

The Cavern: Yet Another New Venue in St. Louis

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merry xmas   
It is Monday, December 25th, 2:38pm. There is no going back.
mood: complacent
albums that i enjoyed/thought were pretty good this year:

ahleuchatistas - what you will
appleseed cast - peregrine
belong - october language
black angels - passover
black cobra - bestial
clear spots - mansion in the sky
converge - no heroes
coughs - secret passage
d yellow swans - drift
dysrhythmia- barriers and passages
grouper - wide
impractical cockpit - to be treated
jay reatard - blood visions
jucifer - if thine enemy hunger
justin timberlake - futuresex/lovesounds
lansing-dreiden - the dividing island
lye by mistake - arrangements for fulminating vective
melvins - a senile animal
negura bunget - om
nelly furtado - loose
noxagt - s/t (2006)
paik - monster of the absolute
raglani - of sirens born
scott walker - the drift
shogun kunitoki - tasankokaiku
svarte greiner - knive
tenhi - maaaet
yaotl mictlan - guerreros de la tierra de los muertos

there are a ton of single songs that i enjoyed, also. but that would take forever to think up!
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"when you're from norway, you can do anything!"   
It is Sunday, March 12th, 3:46pm. There is no going back.
  Yes! Serena Maneesh last night was fantastic, albeit a very short set. I have pictures!


My dearest cousin Erica and I went, and did a lovely photoshoot beforehand, which included this incriminating photo:
mining for green treasure

YESTERDAY AT WORK: I had to train two girls at the same time, and it was nuts! It was their first day and they were both assigned a station, so I had to run back and forth between them to help them out and show them the drill with the old folks + food + drinks. It was actually kinda fun, but I wouldn't want to do it again. I guess I'm a fairly good teacher because they caught on rather quickly.

I also did pretty well (compared to the rest of the class, anyhow) on that biology test I was studying for...ah well, there's time enough to become an "A" student!

On Wednesday: Seeing Jackie-O Motherfucker with Chris, it should be sweet. The Tuesday after that: seeing Marissa Nadler with Chris. Should be amazing.

This summer: Portland, Austin, probably Houston, who knows where else??
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It is Sunday, February 5th, 6:09pm. There is no going back.
mood: really sad.
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Portia passed on in my arms today. She got me through some really tough times and it's going to be really hard to live without my friend.

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It is Monday, December 19th, 1:58am. There is no going back.
mood: ROCKIN'
tonight is all about rocking out to

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It is Wednesday, October 26th, 3:44pm. There is no going back.
mood: weird
Tomorrow I'll be 22.


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It is Sunday, August 14th, 4:00pm. There is no going back.
  Mike and I were discussing how we wished we had our own radio stations and whatnot, so I decided to try out a live365 one for a month to see how I liked it.

I'm not quite done with the playlist, but if you wanna give it a listen, here's the link:

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It is Friday, August 12th, 5:32pm. There is no going back.
mood: aw
Porky was being so cute today!

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